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​General terms and conditions

As of: November 6th, 2022

​Dear guest, Please note the following terms and conditions, which you accept with your reservation.​

1. Conclusion of the contract

​1.1. With your booking you are bindingly offering us the conclusion of the travel contract and we will accept this offer through a booking confirmation if there is availability. The following general terms and conditions apply to the travel contract. The booking also applies to all travel participants listed in it, for whose contractual obligations you also arise upon corresponding acceptance.
1.2. If the content of the confirmation differs from the content of your registration, we have not accepted your offer. We are bound to our changed offer for 10 days. If you do not agree to our new offer within this time, we can dispose of it elsewhere.

2. Booking information/payment

2.1. If you have made an online reservation, this is guaranteed once you have received the booking confirmation and the deposit has been paid. This also applies to an offline reservation. A guaranteed booking is possible upon explicit request in writing and verbally. Guaranteed bookings generally oblige the person making the booking to comply with the cancellation conditions in 6.
A reserved plot number is not binding, rather a preference and can be changed within the category depending on availability and/or weather conditions.
2.2. If your preferred payment method is not listed, or you are currently unable or unwilling to pay 100% of the reservation amount, please contact us.
2.3. If a remaining payment of the travel price is outstanding, this will be due upon departure at the latest and must be paid without being requested to do so.
2.4. In the event of non-payment or late payment, we are entitled to withdraw from the contract and we can also demand additional compensation for non-performance, see 6.
2.5. A cancellation of a fixed booking must be received by us in writing at least 14 days before the start of the trip.
2.6. If payment is made by debiting an account or by debiting a credit card, disclosing the bank or card details entitles us to collect the agreed amounts. Your consent to this is deemed to have been given.
2.7. If you make payment via the online form on our booking page at, we are not responsible for typographical errors, double bookings, etc. and any resulting costs. If this results in additional costs on our part, you are obliged to reimburse us for these.
2.8. The receipt provision and the invoicing offices take place exclusively in digital form. In doing so, we fulfill our duty to the legislature and to nature.

3. Services/Prices

3.1. The descriptions and price information on our price lists and information valid for the travel period apply to the contractual services. However, we expressly reserve the right to declare a change to the price information before the contract is concluded for objectively justified, significant and unforeseeable reasons, about which we will inform you if possible. If we have to make a price change to your disadvantage, you have a special right of termination, unless the reason for this is due to a lack of information on your part. You can make use of this special right of termination within 10 days of receiving the message.
3.2. If your booking includes different seasons, the travel price will be calculated proportionately, according to the applicable price tables.
3.3. Information from third-party brochures or websites (e.g. local and hotel brochures/third-party websites) is of non-binding informational nature without any guarantee for the content. We are not liable for defects in services that are not owed under the travel contract.
3.4. Taking pets with you is generally permitted and requires you to provide information. We charge a fee per pet, which can be found in the current price lists.
3.5 Conditions of participation for competitions. The winners will be determined after the closing date for entries as part of a random raffle among all ticket numbers. Natural persons who are at least 18 years old and reside in Germany are eligible to participate. We will notify the winners by email. If a winner does not respond after two requests within a period of 3 weeks, the prize can be transferred to other participants. We reserve the right to exclude people from participation at our own discretion if there are legitimate reasons, such as violations of these conditions of participation or false or misleading information in connection with participation in the competition. A cash payment of winnings is excluded. Legal recourse is excluded. Participation by employees of Green Camping am Rhein and associated companies is not possible. Your data will only be used to process the competition. Further information on data protection can be found at The organizer of the competition is listed under 12. Organizer.

​4. Changes in service

4.1. Changes or deviations from individual travel services from the agreed content of the travel contract, which become necessary after conclusion of the contract and which were not brought about by us contrary to good faith, are only possible if they are not significant and do not affect the overall design of the trip.

5. Cancellation by the customer/rebooking

5.1. You can cancel your booking at any time before the start of your trip. Withdrawal must be declared in writing and it must be taken into account that processing is only possible within our business hours.
5.2. If you wish to rebook/change your booked parking space within the same type of trip after conclusion of the contract, we will try to fulfill your request.

6. Cancellation of the trip or parts of it

6.1. If the tenant does not use the plot at the agreed time, he will inform us immediately. We will try to find a new tenant immediately.
6.2. The following applies to guaranteed bookings or if the notification obligation according to 6.1 is not fulfilled.
If the search is successful, the new tenant's payment will be offset against the old tenant's cancellation fees. If a negative difference arises, it must be reimbursed to us by the old tenant.

If no new tenant is found, the old tenant is liable to pay according to the following regulation.

2 weeks before departure:                              30% of the rental price,
1 week before departure:                               50% of the rental price,
2 days before departure/non-arrival:             full rental price.

6.3. Existing hidden defects on the plot or its equipment do not entitle the tenant to refuse or reduce the rent payment, unless it can be proven that the defect was concealed with suspicion; the burden of proof lies with the tenant. Offsetting against claims from the rental agreement is only possible with undisputed or legally established claims.

7. Contractual Limitation of Liability

Our contractual liability as a campsite is limited to the amount of the travel price in accordance with Section 651h of the German Civil Code (BGB). This limitation does not apply to bodily harm.

8. Warranty and obligation to cooperate

8.1. If any service disruptions occur, you are obliged to do everything that is reasonable for you within the scope of your legal obligation to help resolve the disruption and to minimize any damage that may arise.
8.2. For the duration of a non-contractual provision of the service, you can request a corresponding reduction in the travel price (reduction), provided that you have not culpably failed to report the defect.
8.3. If the stay is significantly impaired as a result of a defect and we do not remedy the situation within a reasonable period of time, you can terminate the contract in writing, stating the defect, within the framework of the legal provisions.
8.4. Without prejudice to the reduction or termination, you can claim damages for non-performance, unless the defect in the service is due to a circumstance for which we are not responsible.

9. Data protection and data utilization

In accordance with data protection regulations, we only use your data to carry out the trip and for applications. You can object to its use for advertising purposes at any time. Your data will only be transmitted to third parties to the extent permitted by law, e.g. our reporting obligations to state institutions.

10. Place of Jurisdiction

10.1. German law applies.
10.2. The place of jurisdiction for legal disputes against us is Koblenz.

11. Effectiveness

If one of the above provisions is or becomes ineffective, it should be treated accordingly. This does not affect the effectiveness of the travel contract and the remaining provisions remain valid.

12. Organizer

Kai Kretzer 

Camping am Rhein - Uferwiese Braubach
Am Campingplatz 1
56338 Braubach
Telefon 0049 171 839 9809
E-Mail: kai[at]

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